So, the idea of experiencing all the freedom of a campervan is appealing but not sure what to do about food? Well, we’ve got you covered.

There are lots of food options while renting a campervan in Bali. I’ll go over a few here.

First off let me say that the campervan comes equipped with a gas stove, a cold refrigerator, cooking/eating utensils, and a sink with running water. This makes any of the following options possible.

Eating at restaurants

Bali, being a tourist destination, has tons of restaurants all over the place. Even in the most remote of places you will find a warung (local restaurant). My advice is to check your favorite information site (Google, Tripadvisor) and find places to eat along your route or near where you plan to camp. Often what I will do is make breakfast in the campervan then stop at a restaurant for lunch on my way to my next destination and at this time I also get dinner for takeaway. Then it’s easy to just heat up dinner. This is definitely the easiest way to arrange your meals when camping in Bali.

Pre-ordering from your favorite restaurants

The bali campervan is equipped with a gas stove and a very cold refrigerator. So, what I sometimes like to do is order a few meals from my favorite restaurant and have them delivered to my house (in your case, likely a hotel or villa). Keep them in the refrigerator and then the next morning when I’m getting ready to go on my campervan trip, put them in the campervan refrigerator. This way I have a stock of meals that I can heat up and eat whenever I want to.


As the campervan has a gas stove and cooking utensils, cooking is always an option. I have been on many Bali camping trips where we have brought all our own food and cooked up meals each day. It can be quite rewarding and I have done some excellent barbecuing. So this is totally an option but just takes a bit more work and planning.


Breakfast is one that I usually opt to cook myself. The reason for this is that “camp” is generally already set up in the morning and all I want to do is have breakfast and enjoy a coffee (not drive to a restaurant). Mornings are generally quiet and cool and I like to enjoy them. With this in mind, my go-to breakfast is usually oatmeal. I will buy some oats and various nuts and seeds to go with it and just whip up a pot in the morning. Of course the option to cook just about anything is there. It’s totally up to you.


To each their own, but I do a lot of snacking while camping in Bali. I suggest making a stop at a supermarket either before the campervan pickup or after. Here are some recommended supermarket options around Ubud.

Pepito Tebongkan – This is my favorite supermarket in the Ubud area. It caters mostly to western expats and has lots of western foods. It also has a full deli with lots of pre-made food. This would definitely be the best stop if you are heading Southwest out of Ubud.

Popular Market – This is almost the same as Pepito with some premade foods as well, just not as many. This is a great stop if you are heading out of Ubud to the East.

Pepito Andong – Pretty much the same as the Pepito above, just a bit smaller. Good if you are heading North out of Ubud.

These should have you covered for leaving Ubud from any direction.