Below is a map showing my favorite places to camp in Bali.  There are also areas highlighted due to bad roads.  These are areas that Google Maps may try to route you through but should be avoided as they are dangerous and sometimes unpassable.  For more information about this map and how to drive the Bali campervan check out this blog post.

Camping in Bali is a wonderful experience.  Bali has so much to offer in the way of natural beauty, but often it takes getting off the beaten path in order to experience it.  Going camping in Bali is the perfect way to do this and the best way to camp in Bali is with a campervan.

You probably didn’t know this but camping is a very popular activity in Bali.  Indonesians from around the country like to come to Bali on family outings and camp.  Therefore there are nice campgrounds all around the island.  These campgrounds offer tent and gear rental, some food options, firewood, bathrooms, and sometimes even WiFi and electricity!  Pulling up to one of these campgrounds in a campervan adds an extra level of luxury.  Bali camping in style.

Below are some of the Bali campgrounds that I have explored.  There are many many more around the island, and you can find them by searching for “Bali campground” in google maps.  But I feel that after all my exploration and feedback from my guests I am highlighting the best of them.  Also remember that things change.  I cannot guarantee that every amenity is still available and functioning all the time.  Also prices fluctuate.  But the bottom line is that these are some wonderful Bali camping spots that you are going to love.

Bali Camping Spots

    • balian beach 2 768x432

    Camping at Balian Beach

    • camping in bukit asah 2 4 768x576

    Camping at Bukit Asah

    • bukit surga camping drone 768x408

    Camping at Bukit Surga

    • camping kamesta min 768x432

    Camping at Kamesta (Near Jatiluwih)

    • IMG 20200813 095556 min 768x576

    Camping in Keramas

    • camping in kintamani 4 min 768x576

    Camping in Kintamani

    • medewi camping 768x576

    Camping in Medewi

    • camping in amed 10 min 768x576

    Camping in the Amed Area

    • camping in Bedugul 768x512

    Camping in the Bedugul Area

    • camping kintamani min 768x576

    Camping in the Mount Batur Crater

    • Pemuteran Camping

    Camping in West Bali