Camping in Bali may not be the first thing someone thinks of when this magical island comes to mind, but it may very well be the best way to have that real Bali experience.

Bali is a fairly large, diverse island.  There are so many things to do here.  Some come for the surf, others for the jungles and waterfalls, still others for health and wellness activities.  Beaches, mountains, jungles, rivers, it’s all here, and indelibly connected to all these wonderful places are the Balinese people themselves.  Some people try to see it all on day trips from their hotel.  The problem with this is that most hotels are in the South and much of Bali’s magnificent scenery is hours away.  This can me long round trip car trips with a driver.  Often the driver is more concerned with taking you to places where they get commissions or to other touristic locations.  For me, all of this gets a bit tiring.

So how to do it better?  How to see the real Bali?

Well that brings me to whole reason for this blog post: Camping in Bali, and more specifically, camping in a campervan.

So, in case you didn’t know it, Bali has lots of great campgrounds.  This is because camping is popular with Indonesians.  Whole families often go on camping trips, enjoying nature and barbecuing under the stars.  This means that there are plenty of places to  park a campervan for the night.  And if you are looking for an extra level of privacy you can easily just pull up to a deserted beach and set up camp yourself.

Check out this page showing all the best Bali campgrounds HERE.

One of the advantages to camping near popular tourist spots and scenic areas is that you get to be the first one there.  As I mentioned earlier, most people are staying in South Bali and are taking a driver to get to places like the Heaven’s Gate Temple, or the Liberty wreck.  This means that they have hours in a car ahead of them and they won’t be arriving until later in the morning.  Because you camped right nearby, you are there first and get to enjoy the place all to yourselves.  Believe me, it makes a difference, and it’s amazing.

Another advantage to camping in Bali is that you are on your own schedule.  Want to stay longer at that waterfall?  No problem, you are camped 15 minutes away, and don’t have a driver waiting for you.  Love that beach you are camped on and want to stay longer?  Go for it!  This is your holiday and you can enjoy it exactly the way you want to.

And then there are the people.  Most areas that you would camp in are away from the busy parts of Bali.  These are places that are relatively untouched by tourism and the people are going about their lives in a more traditional manner.  Places where children chase after the campervan yelling, hello!!!  Places where people invite you into their homes to enjoy a traditional tuak or arak (a coconut derived spirit).  This is real.  These people are friendly, curious, and hospitable.  This is the real Bali.

And no need to worry about any lack of convenience or comfort.  A Bali Campers campervan has everything you will need for a wonderful experience.  From a super soft bed to cooking equipment, electricity, WiFi, or a shower.  It’s like a hotel on wheels.

If you have any questions about camping in Bali feel free to CONTACT US and we will be happy to help.