Bali Campervan FAQ

Bali Campervan FAQ2020-09-21T11:05:04+08:00
What license do I need to drive the campervan?2021-03-21T11:35:22+08:00

An Indonesian driver’s license or an international driver’s license with a license from your home country is required.

Is the campervan insured?2020-09-10T10:06:55+08:00

Yes there is a mandatory insurance purchase (45k a day) for comprehensive insurance including collision and third party liability. Extra medical insurance can also be purchased.

Can you bring the campervan to me?2021-05-31T10:35:53+08:00

Yes, our office is in Ubud but we can deliver and pickup the campervan.  The cost of this service is 400k for Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta and 300k for Sanur.  For other locations please contact us.

Does the campervan have a toilet?2020-09-10T10:08:38+08:00

No, there is no toilet in the campervan.  Bathroom needs are easily met in campgrounds, restaurants, and most Indomart convenience stores.  Guests have also been known to water a few bushes.

Can I drive to other islands such as Lombok and Java?2020-09-10T10:09:16+08:00

No, the campervan cannot be taken off of the island of Bali.

How much electricity does the campervan provide and can I do things like charge my laptop?2020-09-10T10:09:57+08:00

The campervan has a very large lithium battery and a large solar panel.  In all my camping (including cloudy days) I have never brought the battery under 50%.  There is USB power (for phones) and 220V AC power for normal appliances.

Does the campervan have a refrigerator?2020-09-10T10:12:41+08:00

Yes, we use a 20 liter high efficiency refrigerator. This refrigerator is as strong as your refrigerator at home and can even go to -20 C.

Can I camp in places other than designated campgrounds?2020-09-10T10:13:30+08:00

We feel that we have found some of the best campgrounds in Bali. That being said, we understand that you may want to camp somewhere where there is not a campground. We actually include a few of these on our camping in Bali page. If you come across some other place you’d like to camp you can certainly give it a try. Just know that if you are camping on someone else’s land they may ask for a bit of money. I have found that 20-50k Rupiah solves all problems.

What side of the road do people drive on in Indonesia?2020-09-10T10:14:18+08:00

Indonesia is a left side driving country.

Can you help us plan an itinerary?2020-09-11T18:49:46+08:00

We most certainly can!  Often we can even help you to arrange activities, guides, and even get discounts.

What is included with the campervan?2020-09-10T10:24:52+08:00

All inclusions are listed HERE

Do you have a list of rules for using the campervan?2020-09-10T11:03:37+08:00

Yes, here it is:

Bali campervan rental rules

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